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20 Inspiring Living Room Wall Decor Ideas

Living Room Wall Decor

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20 Inspiring Living Room Wall Decor Ideas

If your living room walls are looking a little empty, ready to be filled with one-of-a-kind artwork, wall hangings, and décor, now is the time to curate your space with one-of-a-kind living room wall décor ideas. Just remember to buy something you want rather than something that will fill a hole. Before you take up a hammer and nails, consider some of these living room wall décor ideas. Inspiration is close at hand!

1. Working with Sports Equipment

Take inspiration from your surroundings and proudly display personal things in the living area by carefully leaning them against a blank wall. Surfboards are a fun and effective wall decoration if you’re a surfer. If your sporting equipment isn’t as elegant as these boards, consider replacing it with a large piece of artwork or a mirror.

2. Display Alternative Art

Try something more active, like this sculptural piece above the fireplace, instead than a traditional image or poster. Despite being a prime living room location, the area above the mantel is frequently underutilized. To fill the empty area above the fireplace, consider replacing the television with something more artistic and engaging.

Living Room Wall Decor

3. Consider Large-Scale Paintings

To add a spectacular visual element to your living area, hang a picture on an empty wall: the larger the artwork, the more deep the message. In this space, a large picture fits perfectly on a narrow wall near a doorway. Another framed piece of art rests outside the entryway to the living area, adding depth and contrast.

4. Create a Gallery Wall Art

If you don’t like the idea of a cluster of artwork on one wall but like the idea of presenting multiple pieces, hang framed art in perfect alignment to form an organized gallery. Take precise measurements to ensure uniform spacing between frames. It will be a wonderful approach to fill in some blank space, whether you choose a small or huge piece of art to work with.

5. Think about Cornered Art

Hang paintings, prints, or photographs on two intersecting walls to get this exquisite look. Make a statement by showing two very different works of art, or create an united look by displaying work by the same artist, medium, or color palette. The comparable structure and black accents of these pieces bind them together.

6. Paintings are put on top of eye-catching wallpaper

To make a statement, pair a striking patterned wallpaper with a painting. It’s a daring choice, but a daring print works in this unusual location. To make eye-catching wall décor, experiment with different colors, patterns, and materials.

Living Room Wall Decor

7. Mirrors with iridescence should be used

Make use of one-of-a-kind products like this iridescent mirror. It’s bright and adds dimension to the space, but it still feels cohesive thanks to the wooden rim of the mirror, the wooden fireplace, and accents everywhere. A traditional mirror is another lovely way to bring light into the living room wall decor and make a small space appear larger.

8. Decorate using small objects

A built-in bookcase is perfect for exhibiting aesthetically pleasing trinkets and knickknacks. Arrange tiny trinkets, appealing boxes, bright books, and sculptures on the shelves of a bookshelf to enhance the décor of a living room wall decor. This also works well in a room that already has art and décor on the walls.

9. Create a diptych

Hang two works side by side or in line with each other to create a diptych. Take exact measurements in the same way that you would for a gallery wall. Consider the scale of the artwork, the wall, and the overall flow of the room.

10. Bookcases should be included

Using a bookcase for design purposes is an uncommon living room wall décor idea. A wall-to-wall bookshelf, whether loaded with books, items, vintage glassware, or vases, is one way to create a statement in your home and display the things you care about.

11. Select Paintings with a Statement

The most obvious choice for living room wall décor is a large statement artwork strategically hung over the couch. It’s a timeless look that can be easily tailored to your tastes. When selecting a piece like this, consider the flow of the floor, walls, and ceiling.

Living Room Wall Decor

12. Consider a Different Framework

These three black-and-white photos are mounted on the wall with metal clips and are frameless. As a result, the look is flawlessly raw and lacks the formality of traditional artwork. Consider this a more sophisticated version of your adolescent decorating efforts, which almost probably included hanging posters on the wall with just strips of tape.

13. Add Framed Drawings

In addition to paintings, photography, and sculptures, drawings are offered. These hand-drawn sketches are rough and raw, yet when placed in this structured gallery wall, they become attractive wall décor. Include some of your personal sketches or those of someone close to you for a personal touch.

14. Display Photographs

Upgrade your usual family photo wall by framing and hanging some interesting black-and-white or vintage photographs in a wide gallery wall. Look for original stuff at thrift stores, galleries, and outposts that you can proudly display in your home.

Living Room Wall Decor

15. Display eye-catching prints

Prints are a far less expensive way to include stunning creative elements into your home. Most websites that sell art online offer both original paintings and inexpensive prints of the same works. Tappan, Twyla, 1stdibs, and Poster Child Prints all contain a wide collection of unknown artists’ prints and pieces.

16. Placement of Large Objects

Large objects, like as the pieces of wood in this neutral yet highly fashionable living room, can be used as wall décor in the same way that sporting equipment can. Whether you mount them, rest them against the wall, or place them on top of a console table, if they’re high enough, they’ll serve as distinctive and unexpected wall décor.

17. Say Yes to Leaning Artwork

You don’t have to hang artwork to make it stand out (which is especially beneficial if you’re renting out your space). Lean artwork against the wall for a relaxed, unpolished effect. Choose either a single large chunk, as shown in the photo, or a few smaller pieces of varying sizes.

Living Room Wall Decor

18. Display a Statement Mirror

A mirror is usually a safe bet when you need something for a wall but have exhausted all of your art options. Instead of a simply functional mirror, opt for something more visually appealing, such as this sunburst mirror. It will also help to make a small space feel larger.

19. Include Illuminated Artwork

If you want your artwork to shine out or your living area to feel more sophisticated, place a lamp over it to brighten it. It’s another decorative layer, but it also serves a purpose.

20. Build a Book Tower Out of Stacked Books

This one is a little odd, but the end result is quite stylish. Remove the bookshelves and stack your collection high enough to make an impression. What was the final outcome? A perfect imperfection of a good environment.

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