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5 Features of Interior Design

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5 Features of Interior Design

For a long time, some designers have preferred to communicate their love of art and life in a straightforward manner, with reasonable space application, material selection, color matching, proper proportion, and light collaboration to achieve a simple and natural goal, and continually aim to include different cultural backgrounds and elements to re-interpret, adding depth and deeper aesthetic impacts to each interior design project.

However, it is more crucial in design to represent the owner’s personality and build a larger one for him. To integrate “basic nature,” create a living space. There are five distinct features to home design.

Five characteristics of interior design


Forward-thinking design strokes give a futuristic taste of life and a strong sense of light in the dull harmony. Designers can use simple lines and strong color contrast with unconventional ornaments and furniture to give a “cool” and handsome full presentation, giving people a refreshing feeling.


Tough incorporates the calm and purpose of post-modern technology into home design by using a tough material and bright colors to produce a beautiful impact. Designers can employ new brushstrokes to highlight steel and silver furnishings, giving the area a bright and vibrant appearance.


Leisure can introduce the sunshine, air, and trees of nature, dissolve the fullness of leisure in the shades of blue and wood, and allow people to enjoy that rare time of leisure in the midst of frantic city life.


Pure means “immortal, plain, and clear.” Designers must approach the world with a peaceful mind, employing the faint furniture layout to cleanse the original space, so that the owner’s temperament and taste are reflected intuitively.


Designers can interpret the style and harmony of modern luxury homes with simple brushstrokes, bringing home sentiments to the huge area. The objective of the design is to leap out of the frame and into the enormous visual area.

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