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7 Wall Art Ideas for Your Home

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8 Wall Art Ideas for You Home

The best way to fill a room you love is with meaningful memories. Photos from previous journeys, significant anniversaries, and celebrations, as well as your candid daily life, make any place feel more like home. Take the time to design your display before you begin filling your empty walls with picture art or wall art for living room.

Nobody likes to spend their entire day staring at a blank wall, which is why wall art ideas are such an important aspect of the designing process. The rest is simple once you start brainstorming (unless there are too many great ideas to choose between). We’ve got plenty of wall art ideas to excite your imagination, from gallery walls to DIY pieces like framing personal accessories and large-scale photos. And what better place to find inspiration than on interior designer-decorated walls? Read on to find out which wall design ideas and galleries you’d like to replicate in your own house.

Wall Art Ideas No.1 – Create Your Own Home Art Gallery

Like most of us, you probably have hundreds (if not thousands) of digital photographs on your phone or computer. A gallery wall that you can see every day is an excellent way to remember special occasions. For a step-by-step tutorial on how to hang your own gallery wall, check out our thorough guide here.

A well arranged print collection serves as the foundation for gallery walls, which artistically elevate any space. If you make your own, you’ll be able to add warmth while also displaying your own individual style. Accent pieces such as: can be used to add your own one-of-a-kind touches.

  • Various textile varieties, such as textiles and canvas prints
  • Photographs ranging from austere black-and-white to lively and colorful
  • Non-photo objects include things like flags, letters, and medals.

Wall Art Ideas No.2 – Metal Wall Decor Wanderlust-Wall

What better way to satisfy your wanderlust than with landscape that isn’t confined by borders?

Metal photo panels, with their realistic, gleaming appearance, are ideal for this. This wall decor project is simple to accomplish, yet it completely transforms any room. To achieve a borderless look, make sure your photographs completely cover the photo panel. We enjoy this type of wall decor since it is lightweight and adaptable. Print a photo of your most real interactions with locals or your favorite sunset from a prior trip. To create a mix and match aesthetic, pair larger portrait metal picture décor with slimmer stacking landscapes.

wall art ideas

Wall Art Ideas No.3 – Add Sophistication to Your Space with Acrylic Wall Art

Unlike other types of wall decor, acrylic wall art adds dimension to your artwork. Its gleaming acrylic covering draws attention to every feature in your photos. We recommend choosing images with deep-colored or vivid undertones. When merging several pieces of acrylic wall art, seek for similar photography styles and well-balanced color palettes.

Keep eye level in mind when hanging acrylic wall art because it has a captivating three-dimensional element to its exhibition. A good starting point is to set it about 8 inches above your couch or bed frame. As a result, you can enjoy your photographs even if others are seated or relaxing.

Wall Art Ideas No.4 – Traditional Canvas Wall Art Ideas

Canvas photo prints can provide warmth to a room that lacks texture and vibrancy. Family and wedding photos are common canvas wall art choices, but innovative artwork gives a unique twist to this traditional option. Try to match the color of your art to the color of your furnishings for an equal, balanced aesthetic.

The gallery wrapped canvas is indistinguishable from the wall. This photo display style works well in high-traffic areas of your home, such as staircases, breakfast nooks, and corridors.

Wall Art Ideas No.5 – a Shelfie for Selfies

Wall art ideas

Rather from displaying your photographs on the walls, place them on a trendy shelf. Make a place in your living room for selfies and other emotional items. When decluttering other rooms in your home, consider whether objects could be saved for these shelves. Small mirrors, porcelain figurines, and one-of-a-kind antiquities may also find a place here.

These kind of displays are also ideal for showcasing your children’s photo art and creativity. Even self-portraits made by your children can provide a fun pop of personality.

Shelfies have been making the rounds on Instagram and Pinterest recently, with individuals uploading photos of their shelves, which are often stacked high with books.

Leaning small and medium-sized artworks on shelves and ledges for an accessible alternative to gallery walls is an interior design concept.

There’s no need to hang anything, and it’s really simple to refresh whenever you need a change. Check out these art shelfies for more ideas.

Prints in huge sizes draw attention to your subject matter. Large format photographs are typically displayed alone, however there are various creative ways to display them by grouping several prints together. Here are a few out-of-the-box suggestions:

  • Make Dialogue: By inverting similar photos to face one another, your images can “speak” to one another.
  • Image Clipping: Clip the image to print as two or three frames to create a continuum of photographed landscapes, cityscapes, and vistas. Then, with a pause in between, show each print.

Wall Art Ideas No.6 – Display of the Family Staircase

As this might be tough to get right, make sure you know where you want the images to hang on your staircase wall. Make sure that each picture is slightly higher than the outer fence, so that the full image can be viewed from a distance.

It’s a brilliant concept to let your graphics convey a tale as a visitor climbs the stairs. Perhaps these are images of your children, who are growing older as you go higher. Alternatively, you might use photographs of your relatives — different generations along each stage — as a substitute.

wall art ideas

Wall Art Ideas No.7 – Create a photo grid with your prints.

The trick to producing this type of wall display is to find a happy medium. To get started with a photo grid, you’ll need the following supplies:

  • A measuring tape or a ruler
  • A graphite pencil that is soft.
  • Washi tape or double-sided foam tape are examples of gentle adhesives.
  • Plan your photo placements on the floor or on a table.

Begin by arranging the photographs on a level surface within the confines of the desired shape. To ensure consistency, measure the spacing between each print. We recommend selecting square photo prints that are all the same size and tone.

When you’ve decided on a grid, use a light pencil to gently outline each photo placement on the wall itself. Begin by taping each photo print to the center of the grid, then work your way outwards. To ensure that the white space is constant across the board, measure the spacing between each print.

wall art ideas

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