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The Complete Guide to Art Storage Solutions

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Art Storage Solutions

Are you looking for art storage solutions? If that’s the case, you’ve arrived to the right place! Most people have at least a few pieces of art on their walls or on their floors. Art and artwork bring life into your house and office. It may liven up a boring wall, serve as a focus point for visitors, and thrill you. The impact of art and artwork on the common person is quite astonishing. That’s perhaps why so many of us collect and exhibit art in our homes.

However, with our ever-expanding love of art, many of us purchase more than our homes can hold. (There is just so much accessible wall and floor space!) If you’ve reached the point where you need to store some, or all, of your artwork, you’re in luck. This page offers a list of the greatest, safest, cleanest, and most secure storage options we’ve come across. You’ll be able to store your artwork with care and expertise in no time!

Pack your artwork before saving it.

It is vital to consider the timing while looking at art storage solutions. If you’re going to store something for an extended period of time (or even a short amount of time), you’ll almost certainly need to pack it. The good news is that artwork, large pictures, and large, framed posters are simple to pack. The bad news is that it necessitates the use of special mirror boxes, which are not widely available in most stores. They are not cheap, but they are definitely worth it. Mirror boxes will protect your paintings and other wall-hanging artwork for many years.

It is necessary to pack sculptures, vases, and other artwork that sits on the floor. It will not only keep your art clean, but it will also protect it from accidents that could harm it. Keep in mind that if the artwork is huge and heavy, it may need to be crated.

Is it possible to store artwork in the attic or basement?

There are two possible answers to this question: YES and NO. Yes, as part of one of our art storage options, you can keep artwork in the attic or basement under particular conditions. However, in other cases, you cannot (or should not) store artwork in the attic or basement.

Is your attic or basement completely finished, insulated, and protected from temperature extremes? If this is the case, the location in which you keep your artwork should be safe and secure. (You’d also have to ensure that your basement doesn’t leak.) This is due to the fact that most artwork necessitates a cool, low-humidity climate. Temperature extremes can harm numerous sorts of art and should be avoided.

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Art Storage Options: In a Standard Closet

In most American homes, artwork can be kept in a standard closet. There are a few things to keep in mind, though, to guarantee that all of your artwork is sufficiently preserved. To begin, an unused closet is typically the most cost-effective solution. The more you open and close the door to put things in, the more probable it is that your artwork will be damaged.

If you have a large closet, store your paintings at the back, where they will be protected. This prevents it from being transferred, abused, or otherwise mishandled. Make sure to keep your artwork safe in whatever closet you choose. A mirror box (as previously mentioned) or a padded blanket would be excellent. (An old bed blanket is preferable to nothing.)

Art Storage Ideas for the Garage

Some garages, such as the attic or basement, are perfect for art storage, while others are not. The concrete floors of a garage are one of its drawbacks. That means you can’t put your work directly on them since it will absorb the moisture. It might work if your garage has a closet where you can store your art. Of course, you’ll need to pack properly (mirror boxes again), but the temperature fluctuations will be modest. Unless you live in a flood-prone location, most garages are dry enough to hold paintings.

Rent a Storage Unit for Art Storage

There are few places better for storing art than a storage unit at a self-storage facility. To begin with, your artwork will be stored in a clean, dry atmosphere. A storage unit is also secure because it is monitored by video cameras and has on-site supervisors 24 hours a day, seven days a week. While a standard storage container is enough, climate-controlled storage units are also available. If you have valuable paintings, we recommend renting one of these. As a result, dramatic temperature changes and high humidity will never damage your valuable artworks. Many people prefer to rent a storage unit to store artwork because it is the most convenient alternative. (It’s also fairly priced!)

If you intend to keep paintings for an extended period of time, lay them flat.

Paintings, whether packed or unpacked, must be stored flat for lengthy periods of time. As a result, they will be less stretched, cracked, and peeling. If they’re in a box, you’re good to go. It’s better to lay them out on acid-free paper if they aren’t, or if they aren’t in frames. You may also buy acid-free boards to serve as a transition between paintings. Of course, laying them flat will take up a lot more space. (If you have a lot, a storage unit can come in handy.)

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Best Regards on Your Art Storage Solutions

Although it is inconvenient to remove art from the wall, if it is properly stored, it can be mounted again another day! We hope your art and artworks are well-protected and secure wherever you choose to keep them! Future generations will be able to enjoy them this way!


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