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Small Apartment Wall Decor Ideas


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Small Apartment Wall Decor Ideas

Small apartments can be difficult to find since aligning your preferences with the available space might feel like a high-wire act. However, that is not out of the question. Colors, style, and furniture can all be employed to make a room appear bigger and wider than it actually is. Here are five simple wall design ideas to help you turn your small apartment into a comfortable getaway.

Wall Decor Ideas

Concentrating Solely on A Single Wall

Art is a constant savior. Paintings and framed photos add a classy and pleasant ambience to any space, whether they’re employed to hide a hole in the wall or to demonstrate a genuine interest in art. Choose the largest wall in your living room and hang a statement piece that will immediately grab attention. Consider a simple photograph or a vivid picture that catches your eye. A black and white landscape or abstract is a wonderful choice if you love minimalism. Avoid utilizing a large centerpiece and instead create a collage of smaller artworks and photographs to make your wall stand out. Choose a variety of frames in a variety of sizes to give it a gallery-like vibe. Stick to squares or circles to keep things simple.

Wall Decor Ideas

Mirrors and Other Artifacts

Art does not need to be framed. Try a difficult macrame or a brightly patterned tapestry. Choose one that is large enough to cover the full wall or a few smaller ones. Mix and match macrame or brightly colored textiles to make them stand out against the wall color. If you really want to stand out, hire a local artist to create a mural for you. Think about Japanese gardens, lush woodlands and mountains, or a tropical beach. Make it detailed and exact to ensure that it sticks noticed.

Mirrors with gilded edges placed on a ledge along the wall, as well as floor to waist-high mirrors with beautiful frames, serve as art and are suitable for a small space. They reflect light, making the room appear larger, and just enable the room to breathe. You may even make the mirror the focal point of an entire wall by extending it from floor to ceiling or sandwiching it between other pieces of art. Put a floor lamp or lights on a table in front of it to make the room come alive!

Wall Decor Ideas

Fixtures and Wall Hangings

If you don’t have the time or drive to go out and acquire art, show off what you already own. What about the antique dining service? What about the vintage cutlery? Dust them off and hang them from their decaying crates on the wall. These add to the decor while also freeing up space! You could do the same with your record, guitar, or toy car collections. Almost anything that can be hung or placed on floating shelves can be used to create wall decor.

Allow your walls to speak for themselves and represent the people who live within them. Why not store your unique-looking bicycle if you’re a rider? You don’t have enough space for a garden, do you? Why not bring your garden inside? Make a little wall stand for your pots and grow all of your herbs on it. Get some wall-mounted planters or try hanging a few to add some interest. Even if you live in a small apartment, you can have a mini-garden in your living room.

Wall Decor Ideas

Accessories and Lighting

Lighting is always vital for improving both the mood and the appearance of a room. Smart lighting mixed with clever wall decorations can make your space appear larger and more roomy. Using some exquisite wall hooks, decorate an entire wall with patterned string lights alternated with polaroid-sized photographs. It not only lights the space, but it also acts as a photo album of your memories. Do you have a preference for lighting?

Think about employing carved wall sconces. They provide drama and an antique feel to the area while also functioning as wall decor. Alternatively, how about hanging a large mirror and putting bulbs along its edge, similar to those found in a dressing room?  The mirror increases the impression of spaciousness, while the light emphasizes the unusual element.

Don’t Forget About the Ceiling

In any home, ceilings are frequently disregarded. After all, ceilings are only an extension of the wall, and there are countless ways to incorporate the ceiling into the design of your home. Plaster tracing, for example, has long been a popular technique. Geometric shapes give the area a more current and modern feel, whereas ornamental decorations give it a more traditional feel.

Stick with white or add interest by painting a different color in the center. If you really want to go all out, paint a painting or two in the style of old European palaces. If this isn’t for you, how about making your ceiling a different material from the rest of your house? Use decorative wooden beams or bamboo rafters to get a rustic yet highly attractive aesthetic. After you add some appropriate and similarly trendy lighting, such as hurricane lamps or large lanterns, your design will be complete.

Wall Decor Ideas

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