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What is the Best Way to Store Canvas Prints and Other Artwork?

Store Canvas Prints

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What is the Best Way to Store Canvas Prints and Other Artwork?

Whether you’ve been collecting art for a long time or are just getting started, the majority of your collection is probably on canvas. This material is long-lasting and compatible with a wide range of paints, including oil and acrylic. If you have canvas paintings and want to save them, you must exercise extreme caution. Consider these tips before storing your artwork to safeguard the safety of your canvas and the artwork on it.

Make an effort to stay out of direct sunlight

Keep all of your canvas artwork out of direct sunlight. UV radiation from the sun can cause your paintings to fade, and the light can also weaken the canvas. With time, your artwork will become more delicate, and the colors may fade. This applies not only to storing the artwork but also to exhibiting it in your home.

Store Canvas Prints

Make Sure Canvas Prints and Paintings Are Stored Properly

Horizontal canvas stacking can cause the canvas to loosen and droop over time. Never set your canvas prints or artwork on a flat surface. Rather, keep each component upright while storing it. When the stretcher bars were laid flat, you could see that they left impressions on the canvas’s surface. If the artwork is kept upright, dust and other debris will not settle on it. It’s also a fantastic way to maximize your storage space.

Canvas Prints and Paintings Should Be Stored in a Cool, Dry Place

Moisture damage to canvas art prints and artwork has the potential to be disastrous. As a result, mold and mildew may grow. Once the mold has settled on the canvas, it is quite difficult to remove. Excessive heat is another common issue. It can distort the artwork by causing the canvas to expand and contract. Keep your canvas art away from humidity and moisture by storing it in a cool, dry place. A climate-controlled storage facility is an excellent choice.

It’s not a good idea to keep canvas prints on the floor

Although it may appear obvious, artists regularly damage canvas prints in this manner. If you leave your canvas pieces on the floor, they will suffer from a multitude of issues. Whatever comes into contact with the canvas, from spills to rodents, may cause damage to the artwork. Look for a canvas rack storage solution to keep your artwork neat and off the floor.

Use a cloth to protect your canvas prints

To keep your canvas art prints looking good, cover them with a thin cloth. Anything will do as long as it completely covers the item, including an old sheet. Dust, cobwebs, and grime are avoided from gathering and settling when you cover your canvas with a cloth. This holds true not only for storage, but also for canvas storage in your closet. What should you do with your artwork now that you’ve learned how to store a canvas?

Store Canvas Prints

Mirror boxes are great for holding large canvas prints and paintings

As previously stated, using a storage container is one of the best ways to keep your canvas art prints. Once at the storage facility, place your artwork in mirror boxes. Paintings, canvas prints, and ornamental mirrors are just a few examples. Nothing will ever be able to harm them in this way. Mirror boxes are large, flat boxes that are usually divided in half. Those two parts telescope into each other for double the cardboard protection. A mirror box can help you avoid damage from the sun, dust, humidity, vermin, and other elements. With the exception of a major flood, they can protect your artwork from practically anything.

Mirror boxes can be found in a variety of settings. They are available from moving companies, and they will usually sell them to you. Mirror boxes can also be rented from moving truck rental companies. Make sure you have a sufficient supply of acid-free packing paper and tape wherever you purchase them. If they sell them, buy extra paper pads to wrap your artwork before shipping it. This will offer an extra layer of security to all of your belongings. Follow these simple steps to pack your canvas, canvas prints, and other artwork into a mirror carton.

1. Using packing tape, secure the top and bottom of the mirror box.
2. Add a layer of crumpled packing paper at the bottom.
3. Wrap a paper pad around your print or painting.
4. Place it in the (slightly smaller) box at the bottom.
5. Fill the top (bigger) box with crumpled packing paper.
6. Place the top on top of the bottom.
7. Using packing tape, secure the package.
8. Feel good about yourself and your packing abilities.

Crates are ideal for holding huge artwork

Another fantastic way to store artwork and large canvas prints is in a wooden box. In actuality, this is possibly the best, safest, and most secure art storage method known. A solid wooden container can keep you safe from almost anything. Even if anything falls on it, a wooden container will keep your artwork protected.

The cost and time necessary for wooden containers, on the other hand, are drawbacks. You’ll need wood, nails, and other items to create the crate (s). You’ll also need a circular saw, a hammer, a screwdriver, and a tape measure. You’ll also need to measure your artwork in order to construct a crate that fits it properly. Some people hire a professional to make their crates, which clearly raises the overall cost. If you prefer to handle it yourself, here’s a quick explanation of the steps.

1. Measure the height, breadth, and length of your artwork.
2. Purchase enough resources to construct a crate that is 10% larger than your artwork.
3. Make the crate, but leave the top off till the very end.
4. On the interior, cover the carton with cardboard.
5. Fill the container with crumpled packing paper. (Don’t be stingy with your money! Use enough to provide a robust layer of defense.)
6. Inside the container, place your artwork.
7. Put extra crumpled paper inside to thoroughly protect it.
8. Place the crate’s top on top and secure it with nails or screws. (We propose using screws to make reopening the container simpler in the future.)

To sum up

Finally, there are a variety of ways to store canvas prints and other artwork. If you don’t want to show your work for a long length of time, we recommend choosing a climate-controlled storage facility. We’re here to assist you if you decide to store your artwork. If you have any queries, contact Aryan Art right away.


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