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Why Large Canvas Wall Art Isn’t Up to the Task?

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Why Large Canvas Wall Art Isn’t Up to the Task?

If you’re looking for a large piece of wall art for your home, consider the following: It’s just as important to pick the right material for displaying large art as it is to pick the right artwork. Depending on our preferences, beliefs, ideas, and points of view, any work of art can be understood in a multitude of ways. But what about the content? It is completely objective and fact-based. And here’s a major one: for a variety of reasons, enormous canvas wall art simply doesn’t cut it.

Why is canvas not the best choice for large-scale wall art?

To begin with, the canvas is not intended to exhibit large works of art and is technically constrained by its features.

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The Aesthetic Effect of Unrefined Texture

The coarse texture of canvas print does not lend itself to the fine display of all types of art, as it detracts from the overall aesthetics. The rough texture diminishes the overall quality and clarity of the artwork, particularly in large wall art. It also has the ability to detract from the artwork itself. Most works of art require a smoother surface so that finer details can be depicted with astonishing clarity. As a result, Aryan Art produces high-definition wall art with an incredible level of clarity and detail. It enhances the overall visual effect of the artwork, making a significant impact and instantly elevating any place.

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Another important disadvantage of large canvas wall art is that it cannot be replaced – it is permanent. Storage is also an issue with large canvas wall art. If you weary of a piece of art and want to replace it, your only alternative is to discard it and buy a new one. In this way, canvas needs a long-term commitment.

Aryan Art, on the other hand, are easily convertible, letting you to change the look of your wall art as needed. Do you feel the need for a change of scenery? All that remains is for you to remove the print, fold it, save it for later, and reinstall it in the frame. The entire process of removing and swapping the prints just takes a few minutes.

We believe that wall art should be entirely customizable and not need a long-term commitment! You should be able to replace your wall art when your needs change or if you simply want to change the look of your room.

Scratching, Tearing, and Fading are all common causes of damage

Canvas is prone to scratches, tearing, and fading, exposing your artwork to a range of issues. It is also not watertight. After spending a fortune on large canvas art, the last thing any art collector wants is for their prized possession to be ruined. Large canvas wall art is not recommended, especially if you have children or pets, because it would demand full-time care and supervision.

The high-tech, high-quality prints from Aryan Art, on the other hand, do not fade, sag, or scrape. We use a cutting-edge woven polyester fabric that is incredibly durable and will add value to your area for years to come.

Impossible to transport

What is the best way to transport a huge canvas wall art piece? The truth is that unless you’re ready to spend a lot of money on it, you can’t. Painting on a large canvas is not just inflexible and unmanageable, but also unchangeable. Aryan Art, on the other hand, does not operate in this manner.

The canvas wall art may be easily removed from the frame and folded for storage and transit. As previously said, due to the great quality and longevity of our high-tech woven polyester fabric, our prints do not scratch, tear, or fade, allowing for easy and safe transit.

Expensive with a Low Value

Oversized wall art is widely used to make a powerful and unambiguous statement in any area, but the physical properties of canvas preclude it. Following your thorough selection of artwork that suits your taste, style, and aesthetic preferences, it is vital that it not only conveys the intended impression but also resists damage. Large canvas art is not only pricey, but it is also not worthwhile because it does not meet these requirements.

Aryan Art offers large, high-quality canvas art prints with features such as clarity, texture, durability, mobility, interchangeability, and damage resistance. In addition, we offer a varied variety of artwork ranging from astronomy and space to impressionistic and abstract, among other genres. Furthermore, our frames have no edges, allowing them to blend in with the design and décor of your home.


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