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Without Drilling a Hole in the Wall, How to Hang Artwork


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Without Drilling a Hole in the Wall, How to Hang Artwork

If you’re starting to build an art collection, you’ll undoubtedly want to show it off. Otherwise, perhaps you’d want to display some of your favorite family photos. Wall hangings, whether they are photos or paintings, have the ability to instantly bring a place together. But what if you rent your property and need to keep the drywall in good condition, or if you have valuable millwork that you don’t want to harm with nail holes? You are not confined to a world of gloomy white walls. There are various alternatives to drilling a hole on the wall to hang artwork.

Command Strips are the most commonly used method for hanging artwork without nails. Simply determine how you want to display your photograph, then attach one side of the hook and latch strip to the wall and the other to the frame. The artwork or photograph is then affixed to the wall by attaching them together. They do not damage the paint or the drywall when you remove them.

Hang Artwork

Paint that is magnetic

Apply Magnetic Paint and adhesive-backed magnets on the back of lightweight paintings or photo frames to create a mobile gallery wall. You may also use the magnetic paint to add colorful accent shapes to the artwork.

Paint that is magnetic scaled

Easel of Display

Using a display easel to display larger paintings. Regardless of the piece you’re displaying, it instantly adds a unique touch to your space. You don’t expect to go into someone’s home and see art on an easel—usually it’s a conversation starter since it brings attention to the artwork.

Easel of Display

Clothespins and String

Is there another choice? Using tape or mounting putty, string a piece of rope across your wall, then display prints along the line with ornamental clips or clothespins.

Clothespins and String

Suspended from the Highest Point

Instead of wainscot or tiled walls, use hooks in the ceiling. After that, the framed artwork can be strung using rope, leather, or chains.

Suspended from the Highest Point

Grid of Wires

According to Paige, another alternative for occupying more vertical space is a wire grid. Using clothespins, attach your favorite posters or photographs.

Shelves for Ladders

Framed paintings look great displayed on a ladder shelf because leaning art provides perspective to a space. Simply frame your artwork and place it on the shelf. If your ladder shelf is against a wall, you can display a larger framed print on the top shelf.

Room Separator

Another inventive way to make a gallery wall out of small works of art? Making use of a folding screen or room divider. This is a fantastic way to divide a studio apartment into several “rooms” while also providing a wonderful focus point.

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